I should probably add the very few pictures I took while I was in Amsterdam.

This was my second time around in Amsterdam, except this time I actually had more time to explore.

It’s certainly a fun little city to get lost in. I got to do all the things I didn’t get to do the first time around: go on a fun pub crawl, go to the Anne Frank Museum, go to the van Gogh Museum, and go on a canal tour.

My age is certainly beginning to hit me. How sad is that to say out loud? That pub crawl saw me get back to the hotel at 5:30a. On top of that, I could barely sleep, which I’m happy about because I didn’t write off a day by laying around and I was able to explore. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t super tired. It was a lot of fun and definitely worth it. The downside: I watched a man begin to turn ink blue outside of a bar. That was by far the most disturbing site I have ever seen in my whole life, and I pray that this man is ok. It’s something that I’ll probably never be able to shake. He was in and out of consciousness, and for the most part, almost completely incoherent. And no one knew if he was with anyone. I’m not sure what he took, but I was told it had to have been hard drugs. If that doesn’t scare people from taking drugs, I don’t know what will.

Where do I even begin with the Anne Frank Museum? It was by far one of the most powerful museums I have been to. I will fully admit that at one point I almost burst into tears. It was when I saw the markings on the wall of how much Anne and her sister, Margot, grew. For whatever reason it just became so real when I had seen it. At one point in time there were these two young girls who stood there touching that same wall that I was staring at. It was such an emotional experience that even writing about it makes me teary.

On a happier note, that skeleton that you see there, that was my absolute favourite van Gogh painting. It’s such a cheeky painting because van Gogh wanted to get a rise out of his art teacher by adding in the cigarette. I actually couldn’t stop admiring it so I just had to buy it in poster form.

If ever you find yourself in Amsterdam, you MUST try Dutch food. It was really tasty. If you want to find a gem, go to The Pantry in Leidseplein. It’s a cute little restaurant that’s decently priced. And it comes with excellent service. I opted for the beef stew both times that I had gone because it was a lighter option. Unfortunately, I always have to watch what I eat because if I eat heavy meals or really fatty/greasy meals, I wind up very sick. My body just has a hard time breaking things down and absorbing it. For the most part, it’s a good thing that my body is like that, but other times I hate it because I just want to enjoy a good meal without becoming ill. I just love food so, so much. Hmph…such is life, and these were the cards I was dealt—it could always be worse.

As always, stay fab!


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