Day trip: Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Funny story: my friend and I were actually on the verge of missing this tour. My friend had thought the meeting place for the tour was somewhere we had passed during our walk but it happened to be in the Old Town, and area that we had not yet explored at that point. Here we were, two females running through the streets of Prague trying to figure out where we were going. In the end, we caught up with our tour group with the help of some nice employees (and no map). I’m so proud of our navigating abilities–it was actually quite impressive. 

An old silver mining city that provided wealth for many years (and many kings). Here, you will find the very beautiful Bone Church, and Cathedral.

I really didn’t know what to expect of the Bone Church. It had a lot of religious connotations to it (i.e. the many bones and skulls were people going towards the light, waiting to be judged at heavens’ gates). It was very interesting, and the meaning behind it was pretty powerful. In a weird way, it was quite beautiful.

The food you see there was a nice wild boar goulash. It tasted like Christmas because the dumplings tasted like gingerbread cookies. Goulash is a staple in the Czech diet. Unfortunately, as good as it was, it really didn’t sit well with my stomach. I believe it’s a bit more of a fatty food, which doesn’t bode to well for me because I actually have issues absorbing fat, so, I wind up quite sick. It was still worth it though!


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