If you know me well enough…


you know this is not a good thing.

I, Merna Ghabbour, have experienced my first injury from exercising. And of all things I can injure, I injured my right knee. Funny story: I have absolutely no idea how.

I’m not impressed because it literally takes me out of doing any intense kind of workout. The workouts that I love most. Thankfully, it’s not cartilage. But it has something to do with the liquid pockets that line my knee. It actually hurts me to walk down the stairs. Is this what happens with age? I’m only 25–I’m still a baby!

I’ve been going to physio to deal with this. And it’s been helpful because it helped me realize I actually have a weak spot in my hips/glutes that could be contributing to my knee injury. Who would’ve thunk it?

I still hit the gym, but I find myself becoming upset with how much strength I’ve lost, and how my body has changed from not working out so intensely anymore. But I have to remind myself that it’s all in my head. You begin to see what you want to see. And you’re always your own worst critic–so I definitely am guilty of picking at myself.

I just have to take this one step at a time.

Stay fab!


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