School is in session…

I wish I could look that happy. Not that I’m unhappy, but this term is going to be a killer. In addition to my regular assignments, I have to begin focusing on my final project. I’m opting to go down the consultancy route rather than the dissertation route. I’m not interested in the super academic path. In fact, I begin to shut down when it gets to that. I think of myself as a more practical person. And I like applying myself and applying my learning. So, all answers point to the consultancy project. If you ask many of the professors in my school, they’ll recommend the dissertation. If anything, my program head is a breath of fresh air when it comes to this. She’s encouraged me to not be discouraged to do the consultancy project even though a lot of the other professors don’t recommend it. For a university that preaches about its fusion between industry and academia, you’d think there would be more champions for the consultancy project.

I’m hoping I can team up with a cool company and basically work as a informal consultant. I tend to tell people, if you’re not Mercedes-Benz, or an oil company, or a tech company, or a fitness company, or a fashion company, then you’ve lost me. I think it’s shown in my work just how much I love the above sectors. I have a sickening love for everything above.

Aside from the crazy school schedule, I’m starting up work again (Student Ambassador/Blogger role) and my side project of being on the Nerve PR team. It’s going to be a jam packed term for me to say the least.

So, remember that big secret that I posted about? That one that I couldn’t exactly tell you about just yet? Well a lot of it is out in the open now, but I’ll have to get permission to see what I can and can’t post. Yes, it’s that serious. Yes, it’s that crazy. No, I never thought something like this would ever happen. I hope I’m keeping you on the edge of your seat. You can always ask me about it, though. I’ll call it an experience. An experience I NEVER want to experience ever again.

Anywho, it’s time to update my other section on my blog. You may or may not have noticed my Interactive Media Strategies section on my blog. This is a reflective journal that I have decided to keep up with for one of my classes. Happy reading!

Stay fab, my lovelies!


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