It’s me again…

Ok, I’m back!

Where to even begin? Big things are happening…that I can’t exactly share just yet. Sit tight though.

Andrew (the bro) has left Bournemouth and is enjoying life in Egypt at the moment. I’m kind of jealous, and I’ve toyed with the idea of going, but I wouldn’t feel particularly safe at this time because of the political situation. It was nice to spend some good old quality time together for about a month. It was as though we were living together again. When we last, last left off—it was at the airport in Toronto and I was crying because I was super upset that we were actually parting ways. But this time it wasn’t so bad. I think it puts me at ease that we’re both free (really, I’m half free) and we can just meet up anywhere in the world. I think it was nice for him to see the place that I’m calling home so that he knows I’m in a good spot. To tell you the truth, he really loved it here in Bournemouth. Can’t blame him. But now it’s on to new adventures for him.

Honestly, I really do want to go back on vacation. Realistically, I can’t. I feel like I still need to wind down from my Christmas vacation because right when I got back I was thrown into school work/finishing up my first term of my MA. I’m actually using these two weeks that I have off as relaxation time. BUT, I feel really weird not having a structured day or a routine. My housemates think I’m crazy because they live for days like these. But I just feel like I need to be doing something. If it makes anyone feel better, I’m actually in a lot of pain because I’ve taken up Thai Kickboxing. I’m struggling to sit and stand. But I LOVE it. I’ve been missing boxing a lot, and I’m so excited to get back into it—this time with an added bonus of being able to use my legs.

Time is definitely going by really quickly. I’m still shocked that I’m doing my MA. Like, when I finish I’m going to have mastered something. It’s really weird to think about. It’s also weird because I’m going to be 25 and have an MA. Then I’ll have to figure out my career path. It’s the real world after this, there’s no more going back to school—unless I’m upgrading my skills with classes here and there, or when I decide, later on down the road, that I’m ready to do an MBA. Yes, I’m already thinking about my next degree. We’ll call this my 10 year plan.

I received word today that I’m officially, officially going to be a featured BU blogger. Yay, me! AND last week I met with the team at Nerve Media—the BU news group that’s by students, for students—to discuss the role of Head of PR. It’ll be a good way to get some experience under my belt—something I really want to do. I feel like a changed person with all of this—I’m making up for all that I didn’t do during my undergrad years. I feel like I’m really putting myself out there this time around. But it helps that you’re encouraged and supported to do so.

I think that’s my life in a nutshell. Hope everyone is having a fabulous 2014 so far.

As usual, stay fab!


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