The last of my trip. Slightly delayed (as usual…it seems).

Amsterdam was a very interesting experience to say the least. I have never been, so this was my first time. Let’s just say the Red Light District might’ve been the most uncomfortable place ever. The women are beautiful, and prostitution is the line of business they’re in. I guess I shouldn’t judge–to each their own. Maybe they feel liberated doing what they’re doing. Is it weird that I just want to talk to them to kind of pick their brain? I think they’d be really interesting to talk to.

After Amsterdam, it was a lovely drive to Brussels. I have a soft spot for Brussels–it’s one of my favourite places. I got to enjoy a birthday waffle instead of a cake, which is exactly why I went to Brussels. I love the fact that the bro and I still knew our way around, it’s like we never left.

In conclusion, go to Brussels!

P.S. The Belgian chocolate was AMAZING. I want to be there now stuffing my face. I clearly love food…bit I don’t know if chocolate constitutes as food.

Stay fab!


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