The road to Munich.

Through the winding roads of Austria on the way to Munich, the bro and I stopped off to check out the castle that inspired Walt Disney. Neuschwanstein Castle is simply beautiful. When you see this castle in person, you can see its features in Disney movies.

After our pit stop, to Munich we went. Where do I even begin? Munich stole my heart. Cheesy, I know. But it’s an amazing city! So much character and so much fun to be had. This is definitely my type of city. The food and the beer was perfect! Also, I finally got my sauerkraut fix. And I also got to enjoy 1L of beer. It’s almost like Munich hosts Oktoberfest all year round. If you’re ever in Munich, you MUST go to Hofbräuhaus. Good food, good beer, good pretzels and good company. The bro and I sat at a table with two of the most interesting men. I wish I knew German, so I could communicate with them but it was still funny. Barely any words were said but there were a lot of ‘cheers’. And I was basically knows as Cleopatra for the night. The nicest thing: when the bro and I were leaving, our bearded friend caught up to us to give us coasters as a souvenir.

The next night, the bro and I decided to return to Hofbräuhaus. Lo and behold, we saw our friend with the beard. He was so kind and insisted that we sit with him. There was a young gentleman sitting at the same table. We struck up a conversation with him and found out that he was Italian and spoke some German. Our Italian friend had spoken to our bearded friend and found out that he goes to Hofbräuhaus twice a week and has been doing so for the past 15 years. How amazing is that!? I was so sad that our night had to come to an end, and I gave our bearded man a big hug before I left. He was a man of few words. He might’ve been the quietest man in the room but he was the most interesting. I hope to return to Munich. And I really hope that it’ll be for Oktoberfest. More importantly, I hope I run into my bearded friend again.

Stay fabulous!


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