A few photos from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria. My favourite: the carving of the dying lion. Fun fact: I love lions. Their power and beauty is what gets me.

Andrew and I stumbled across an Italian restaurant (La Fenice) in Switzerland. Let’s just say we basically lived off of it. I know I should’ve tried fondue, but I’d like to try it with 10 other people. My stomach wouldn’t be able to handle it (unfortunately). But I’m always game for chocolate fondue!

To up our country count, we stopped for lunch in Liechtenstein. This is where money hides. It’s a lovely country. In all honesty, I was expecting it to be extravagant…but it wasn’t. It’s funny how we build places up in our mind. I was shocked, but I guess when you’re located in the mountains, it’s difficult to be extravagant.

Our pit stop took us to Innsbruck, Austria. It’s a really beautiful place surrounded by mountains. The best part was actually the drive from Innsbruck to Munich, Germany. The open, winding roads with the mountains on the horizon: priceless! I’ve definitely grown to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Stay fabulous!


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