The Ghabbours + Katie having a bit of fun in Bournemouth. I know I’ve slacked just a bit with my blog posts, and I’m sorry! I’ve been swamped with school work, but now I’m free!

The bro has finally arrived in Bournemouth! I’m super excited that he’s here. I consider my brother to be my best friend AND my traveling buddy. I feel bad because of how exhausted he is from his trek, but he was a trooper today. It was obvious he just needed to sleep.

We started off at the beach and walked on over to 60 Million Postcards. Can I just say: Best. Burgers. EVER. Then we enjoyed some “doughnuts” at the Christmas market in the town centre. It’s a super cute layout and just makes you get into the Christmas mood/spirit. We ended off at The Lost Garden, which is this awesome Hawaiian themed bar. I made such an impression on the bartender the first time I went there in September, that he actually remembered me. It was a good impression though. I’ve worked in the service industry for 8 years, so I know what good customer service is. He even told me I can keep my monkey head. I proceeded to question him to see if he’ll call the cops saying that I stole it, but he was dead serious that I could keep my man. What a successful night. Happy that the bro-sis team is back in action

Stay fab!


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