The most exciting part of my day…

Getting the e-mail that my boots have been shipped. They’re still in the USA though. Oh, well. Come to me, my precious boots!

You probably thought that I got my boots because of the picture. But, no. Soon! My heart will be happy.

I’m really easy to please. Ok, maybe not. Cut me some slack. I’m still getting used to UK life.

In other news, I have to open a UK bank account. I really thought I could get away with not having to open one because it really doesn’t make sense for me. I can use all my cards internationally. And when I need money I just use my debit card and pull it out from any ATM machine (on the Cirrus/Maestro network…I’ve paid attention to what people have told me). That’s literally how I’ve been living for the past two months. But I got a call today from HR saying the school is unable to deposit money into my Canadian bank account. Boo! I’ve been told to beware of UK banks because they like to charge for EVERYTHING. If you go overdrawn by just a few pence, you get a ridiculous charge of £35.00. I’m not planning to go overdrawn, but I do need to be careful in terms of the charges I can incur. I don’t think I’ll actually be using this account. So, it may be a great way for me to save the money that I make from my work as a Student Ambassador.

In more exciting news, I get to be a blogger for the university. Yaaaay! I get to showcase my ever lovely writing skills to prospective/new students.

I like how this post went from boots to work talk.

It’s sleep time for me! Good night, my darlings.

As always, keep staying fabulous!


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