Things I struggle with while living in the UK…

1) They’re just rolling out 4G internet on phones. 4G!!!!! If you’re a crazy tech geek like myself, that’s not fast enough. Moreover, 4G isn’t available everywhere, so, the majority of people are actually on the 3G network (including myself). In Canada, we have LTE which is a step up from 4G. It’s super fast. Additionally, Canadian wireless companies are well on their way to rolling out internet speeds that are a step up from LTE. I find myself staring at my phone (which is on the 3G network) secretly yelling at it in my head to load faster. And, no, I really can’t imagine my life without a smartphone. Yes, it drives me mad when I don’t have everything instantaneously at my fingertips.

2) I’m used to super sized EVERYTHING. Canada’s next-door neighbour is the USA, after all. I go through cereal boxes every single week because they don’t offer large boxes of anything. I bought a tiny jar of coconut oil (for cooking) that’ll probably last me for not that much longer. I use the word tiny because my brother literally purchased a jug of coconut oil from Costco. Bottles of salad dressing and cooking sauces are also small. They’re no where near the size of the ones you get in Canada.

3) Finding proper fashion boots. I know I’m in a very fashionable part of the world. But I’m finding that a lot of things are either faux leather or faux suede. Both of which will equal smelly feet…and I don’t like/want smelly feet. And if you do want the real thing it will cost a fortune. Until 45 minutes ago, I didn’t know what to do. I then decided to go on the Macy’s website. AH HA! They ship to the UK. Long story short, I ordered boots from Macy’s. Yes, Macy’s in the USA. And I’m getting them shipped to the UK. Let that sink in. How sad is it that ordering boots from the USA is cheaper than buying boots from the UK? My life is complicated. Or maybe it’s just that I make it complicated. Oh, well. My heart is happy now.

4) Finding my bird/rabbit food. My roommate, Katie (The Brit), always looks at what I eat and literally tells me that I’m a bird or rabbit. I’ve convinced myself that in a past life I may have actually been a rabbit. I had the hardest time finding coconut oil (for cooking). And I’m also struggling to find turkey bacon. I know “real” bacon is amazing, but I do love me some turkey bacon. Until a few weeks ago, I struggled finding proper whole grain bread because the English consume A LOT of white bread.

I’ll stop complaining now.

Stay Fabulous!


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