I survived the UK’s version of Snowmaggedon…Stormaggedon

Yes, yes, I know I should be used to the craziness that ensues before a storm hits considering I come from Canada, and we get some ridiculous ice and snow storms. But I just couldn’t get over how riled up everyone got over this wind/rain storm. Yes, there were some predictions of hurricane force winds, but I don’t think it actually hit Bournemouth that bad. I feel like everyone should experience all that a good old Canadian winter has to offer  and then they wouldn’t think this storm was so bad. I walked out of my house this morning to garbage bins on their side. That’s it.

I do live 15 minutes away (by car) from the water, though. So maybe it was worse for people closer to water.

I shouldn’t exactly be an advocate for not panicking.

If there was one moment in my life where I panicked because of a wind/rain storm, it was the time my brother and I were flying to Ireland while a storm was coming off of the Atlantic. That might’ve been the scariest moment of my life. EVER. I actually saw my life flash before my eyes. I know I can be dramatic and over exaggerate just about anything (because it comes naturally to me), but this was no joke. I had this nervous feeling that our plane could’ve gone down considering the pilot was having the hardest time landing the plane. It felt like the plane was just floating side to side. The wind had us in the palm of its hands. Additionally, my brother and I had to then drive a few hours to our final destination. Lo and behold, we had to drive along the coast the whole way! I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so much in my life. The wind was pushing the car all over the road. My stomach was in knots. I actually think I could’ve had a nervous breakdown right on the spot. After one of the scariest drives ever, we did reach our destination (as safely as we could).

The moral of the story, I shouldn’t exactly downgrade the fears of a wind/rain storm here considering I lived through one. A pretty scary one.

Stay warm and stay fabulous!


It did turn out bad in some parts:


For your enjoyment:




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