The most interesting (wo)man…

in the world room.

I survived my first day of work!

Nervous (at first). Crazy. Busy. Fun. Exciting. Exhausting (in a good way). Talkative. Helpful. Engaging. Wealth of knowledge. Navigator. Interesting. These are the words that I would use to describe my day.

It was really exciting to talk to future students (and parents) about the experience they can have at Bournemouth University. Yes, I was directing people to specific buildings and answering any questions that came my way, but I also got to have some great conversations with parents and students.

I became the most interesting person in the room because of my “accent” or lack there of. When I speak I tend to automatically get asked where I’m from. And then when I respond with Canada, there’s this slight moment of shock. That’s when the interview questions come out: ‘why Bournemouth?’, ‘why the UK?’, ‘why abroad?’, ‘why not stay in Canada?’, ‘do you like it here?’ and so on. Everyone becomes so intrigued, and it just becomes this amazing and hilarious conversation. I really get to connect with people on a different level. I’m actually really happy that I’m “different." I think the fact that I’ve travelled all this way to study at BU speaks louder than words. And I hope that’s what future students and their parents take away after speaking to me.

I really hope that the students and parents that I met today will really take what I said to them to heart. And believe me when I say that BU is a great school. It’s a very well rounded school, and there are a lot of opportunities here. It even has an amazing support system. This was drilled into my head when I first arrived. And it’s the truth. Never be scared to ask a question. And never be scared to put yourself out there and get involved. It will make your experience a thousand times better. That is BU. And that’s the way that I see BU.

Time to shop for my rabbit food (my groceries). The Brit is convinced I eat rabbit food because I only eat fruit and veggies.

Stay fly. Stay fab. Stay you.


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