I’m employed again


I will admit, I’ve been going crazy not working. I’m so used to working because I was employed immediately after turning 16. I see working as a break. And it’ll be a nice break for me when I need to take my mind off of school for a bit.

This is probably one of the most exciting opportunities for me. Not only am I gaining international work experience and meeting new people, I’m working for the university. I’m excited to say I’m a Student Ambassador for Bournemouth University. I’m basically a representative of all things BU. I get to meet new people, show people around, and work with students and staff. I get to share why BU is so great and why students should really consider it as an option (really, their first choice). It’s a pretty intense role but I’m up for the challenge. I just need to begin teaching myself all things BU. I do have a lot of knowledge for someone that’s completely new here, but there’s so much more information to know and so much to promote. One thing I’ve found out, the school system is much different than Canada, especially the years leading up to higher education. From what I’ve gathered so far, students kind of begin to specialize in subjects in high school. And there are different levels and qualifications that will allow you to attend a higher education institution. It’s not like Canada where you go to primary school, elementary school, middle school, high school and then college/university. I need to begin to familiarize myself with this so I can be a wealth of knowledge when I speak to future students and their families. As with everything that I do, I want to do it to the best of my ability.

I have previously worked for the University of Waterloo (in Canada, not the UK) and had the best experience ever. I really enjoyed what I was doing and felt so rewarded day in and day out. I actually made it my mission to try to work for BU before even arriving in Bournemouth, because of the awesome experience I had at UW. In this role, I’m going to get more exposure to working with current/future students. This will be kind of new to me as my role with UW was different in the sense that I was primarily working with employers in the career centre. I did have some interaction with students but it was not too much. And when I got to interact with students, I truly enjoyed it.

I’m so excited about this role and I’m happy to be able to show/tell people what BU has to offer and why someone like myself, from halfway across the world, came to study here.

I was so excited that I updated my LinkedIn profile immediately after getting home from training. We’ll just say I’m keeping on top of things.

Keep staying fabulous!

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