A nice dinner to end off our day.

I’m so happy I’ve met people that have the same outlook on life as me. We’re all active, we love good food, we love to travel and we can always have a great time.

I was most nervous about keeping up with my active lifestyle, but I think it’ll be easy since I’ve surrounded myself with people who love being just as active. On top of that, Bournemouth seems to be a pretty active city. I think when you live in a place that’s so close to water, you take advantage of it. I’m so lucky to be by the water as well as beautiful parks and forests. There’s so much to explore. I’m the happiest when I’m outdoors. There’s just something about how fresh the air is and how beautiful nature is. I can truly say I appreciate having this around me. It makes this experience so much more better!

I hope people change their mind about England, and they realize it’s a beautiful country. I was teased quite a bit for my choice to move to England, but I think it was the best decision. England isn’t just London. The south coast is so beautiful and has so much to offer. Just give it a chance. I did.

Stay fabulous!


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