It’s the First Day of School…Kind Of


Welcome to Bournemouth University!

Exciting, scary and strange–that is the best way to describe today. For the next two weeks it’s induction week. So, it kind of is the first day and kind of isn’t all at the same time. There are so many events and so much information to take in. I kind of think my brain will go into information overload.

Yesterday, my roommate, Marthe, and I walked to campus to check out where all the buildings are so we know where we need to be. To my surprise, the campus is just absolutely small! It may not be fair to say that considering I come from a super school–the University of Waterloo. The UW campus is massive compared to this. I think this school reminds me more of Wilfrid Laurier University. With that being said, the BU campus is really nice. The buildings are so fresh and modern, even the decor is, too. It’s also quite bright. It’s definitely my style. This is an artsy kids’ dream.

First order of business has been completed: I purchased my annual membership for the on-campus gym. I really want to try to continue to workout. I’ve worked so hard to get where I’m at today, and I would be absolutely heart broken if I let it all go. I will never forget my first day of bootcamp where I could barely even do five push-ups. Now, I can pound them out. I had the best support system around me back home and now I need to find that here. I basically need to find the British version of EVERYONE I workout with. I’m actually doing my first spin class ever later today. This is going to be really interesting!

I must be off to figure out everything.

As always, stay fabulous!


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