This is how my roomie, Abbie, and I bond. Pretzels, sea salt, and some Dairy Milk chocolate that crackles in your mouth. Our love for pretzels has really strengthened our bond. I think this is going to be a beautiful friendship.

Truthfully, I’m so excited to have roommates that I genuinely like and want to make an effort with. I’m going to be living with them for a year. Over the course of a year, we may see each other at our best and at our worst, but I hope through all of that we can have a friendship that lasts. It’s so often that you hear about roommates feuding. That’s the absolute last thing that I want. I don’t want to come home to an uncomfortable/awkward environment. I want this to be a year to remember. I want to make that effort. I want it to be one of those times where I made lifelong friends, even if we wind up living halfway across the world after this. I want them as my core group. And I think I’ve found myself a good group.

Note: the picture with the spoons has to do with the fact that everyone (everyone=restaurants) hated forks today. We were basically served all our meals with spoons. Except for me, I was offered both utensils. It’s because I’m a Pharaoh.

Stay fabulous!


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